GEFA conveyor systems world-wide

GEFA specialises in the design and manufacture of continuous chain conveyor systems. We supply you with cost-effective system from a state-of-the-art production.

GEFA provides systems for conveying virtually all bulk materials in plants for

  • the chemical industry
  • the metal industry (steel, lead, copper, zinc and aluminium)
  • power stations
  • composting plants
  • waste incineration plants
  • the salt industry
  • the cement industry
  • the timber industry

33 years of GEFA conveyors

GEFA conveyor
systems world-wide



Years of know-how

Our designs incorporate years of experience and take into account fast replacement of wearable parts and spares. This means you have fewer standstills and breakdowns.

Being a small company we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to your needs. Spare parts are obtainable from our well stocked stores in the shortest possible time.