Fast, reliable spare parts service

GEFA parts are of a rugged design that guarantees continuous trouble-free operation.

In the event of repairs becoming necessary, GEFA keeps a perfect assortment of spare parts on stock at your disposal.

Our database which holds the technical data of your plant enables quick response for choosing and installing the spares and wearable parts.
We supply the following spares for your conveyor, quickly and uncomplicatedly:

  • forked chain links (drop forged, case hardened)
  • chain bolts and locking rings
  • drive chain wheels, tooth segments and deflector rollers
  • high-strength manganese steel wearing rails
  • shearing bolt wheels, shearing crowns, shearing hubs, racks and roller chains

Our spare parts hotline : +49 7531 94298-30

Maintenance and repairs

GEFA employs qualified experts for repair and installation work. Our maintenance fitters have long years of experience especially in the field of continuous chain conveyors. We will conduct installation and repairs in co-operation with your own staff if you wish.